Lexington Academy of Martial Arts (LAMA) Summer and Spring Camps are a great way for our students to have a fun-filled break while continuing their martial arts training.


Our camps teach valuable martial arts skills while doing a variety of other off-site activities such as swimming, bowling, and movie days. We also have a weekly on-site “Ninja Challenge” that encourages our students to master skills such as strength, coordination, and agility that will definitely bring out the campers “inner ninja.” We also offer Spring Camps, as well as in-service drop off days.

We make sure the kids have a great time as well as learn life lessons that will benefit them at home, school and for the rest of their lives. Martial Arts teaches children to think things through… to show courtesy to everyone around them… and to stand up for what’s right. Martial arts also teaches peace. We show kids that violence is only a last resort. Kids learn to talk things out and come to an understanding with one another.

In short, they learn the makings of a true leader!

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